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As part of a pre-order campaign we are giving away this 6 lesson companion course for the book with video training and worksheets and resources to help you apply each lesson. (a $99 value)

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Lesson 1 – Mapping your customer’s journey

From watching this video and using the worksheets you will start the process of creating the appropriate marketing activities needed at each stage of your customer’s journey so that you can guide them from awareness to becoming raving fans and referral partners.

Lesson 2 – Creating your first Customer Success Track

In this video, I’ll introduce you to the customer success track and ask you to think about how you could design your entire business around taking your customers from where they are to where they ultimately want to be.

Lesson 3 – Defining and narrowing your Ideal Customer Focus

In this lesson, I’ll ask you to define who and what makes an ideal customer – one who you can work with through the customer success track.

Lesson 4 – Creating a Core Message of difference

In this lesson, you’ll be asked to interview a handful of your ideal customers and customer reviews looking for clues to the problems that your current customers are acknowledging you solve for them – the difference your company provides.

Lesson 5 – Developing your first Content Plan

In this lesson, you’ll start to create a plan for ongoing content production based on the content needed to help guide your customer journey so that you can address the evolving questions and objectives they have as they explore doing business with you and after they become a customer.

Lesson 6 – Scaling With Your Customer through Referrals

In this lesson, you will be asked to focus on creating one or more ways to intentionally start to generate more referrals from your new and existing customers.

ultimate marketing engine book

Get ready to go with me on a journey to creating customers and clients for life!